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E-Form for Application for the Hire of Police for Intermittent Traffic Control
for Location Filming
申請人資料 Particulars of Applicant
公司名稱 :
Name of Company
申請人姓名 :
Name of Applicant
職位 :
地址 :
聯絡資料 :
Contact Details

(辦公室電話 Office Tel. No.)

(手提電話 Mobile Phone No.)

(傳真 Fax)

(電郵 E-mail)
拍攝詳情 Particulars of Filming
製作名稱 :
Title of Production
現場負責人姓名 :
Name of Person-in-charge On Site
手提電話號碼 :
Mobile Phone No.
職位 :
拍攝日期 :
Filming Date
拍攝時間 :
Filming Time
拍攝地點 :
Filming Location
所需間歇控制交通安排的詳情 Details of Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC)
(請附上有關地點及臨時交通的詳情計劃圖 :
Please attach a plan on the location with details of the temporary traffic arrangements)
控制交通時段 :
Duration of ITC
次數 :
每次 :
Each Time
1 分鐘 minute
2 分鐘 minutes
3 分鐘 minutes
其他,請註明 Others, please specify :
拍攝內容 :
Scenes to be Shot
Simple pyrotechnic special effects scene
爆炸場面 Explosion scene
使用改裝槍械 Use of modified firearms
充氧式彈囊發射器 Use of pneumatic capsule launcher
撞車場面 Car crash scene
交通意外場面 Car accident scene
動作場面 Stunt act
其他,請註明 Others, please specify :
附件 :
詳細計劃圖(包括確實拍攝位置) Details of plan (including exact filming location(s))
- 接受檔案格式 Accept file format:PDF, JPEG, JPG
- 檔案大小不多於5.0MB
  Size up to 5.0MB

* 請在適當方格內加「
」號。 Please insert a "
" in the appropriate box.

遞交日期 :
Date of Submission
建議書(由警務處填寫) Recommendations to be completed by HKPF
警務人員及有關運輸車輛數目 Number of Police officer(s) and transportation vehicles(s):
Inspectorate Officer:
Medium car:
Large car:
使用隧道Tunnel (s):
執勤時段Duty period :
Verification Code

Filming Involving the Hire of Police for Intermittent Traffic Control
Hire of Police for Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC)
Co-ordinating Authority:
The Film Services Office, Create Hong Kong
Inquiry Contact:
40/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2594 5759
Fax: 2824 0595
The Mechanism:
 ● Control Subject Matter:
Production companies wishing to carry out location filming that involves the hire of police in the control of traffic flows at intervals should submit applications to the Film Services Office (FSO). The applications will be circulated to the Hong Kong Police Force, Transport Department, and other relevant Government departments where appropriate for comment. The FSO will inform the applicant of the result of the application. If the application is approved, the Police Public Relations Wing (PRW) will inform the applicant of the charges to cover the cost of police officer(s) providing assistance to control the traffic for the filming and related transportation fees.
The applicant will be asked to obtain from PRW the letter of payment to be paid in 2 working days.
 ● Conditions to observe:
The film crew is required to comply with the condition(s) imposed for the filming by the relevant Government departments. The FSO will inform the applicant of the conditions in writing.
Hires in connection with ITC for location filming shall be undertaken on the basis of:
(a)  A minimum of 2 hours; and
For every 3 police constables hired, 1 officer of the rank of sergeant shall additionally be hired.
How to Apply:
Applicants are advised to study the “Guidelines on Filming Involving Lane Closure” before tendering applications.
Complete an application form and submit it to the FSO at least 14 working days prior to the intended filming with a street plan on the details of the temporary traffic arrangements required, including the lane(s) to be closed and the traffic direction, the location(s) for ITC, the number of ITC required, the number and locations of picture vehicles and production vehicles and the parking arrangement, warning signs to be provided, scenes to be shot, etc.
If the application is approved, PRW will issue a letter of payment to the applicant for payment. Upon receipt of a letter of payment in person, the applicant should pay the charges at the Shroff Office of Finance Division of the Hong Kong Police Force in 2 working days.
Change of filming date or venue will be treated as a new application, except the change is made due to inclement weather.
Note : Hire of police as guard duties or film extras is not allowed.
Application Fees:
(Minimum hiring period: 2 hours; each subsequent charge will be calculated on a half-hourly basis. The hire period will commence at the time the officers leave their station and will continue until the time of their return to the station.)
 ● Staff cost:
  $322/ hour per Constable
  $469/ hour per Sergeant
  $732/ hour per Inspectorate Officer
 ● Transportation cost:
  $85/ hour per motorcycle
  $78/ hour per medium car
  $125/ hour per large car
  Tunnel toll fee(s) will be charged where appropriate
 ● Cancellation of Filming:
  No charges will be levied on unsuccessful applications.
  Cancellation fees will be levied on the following scale:
(a)  3 or more working days notice prior to filming:  No charge
(b)  2 working days notice prior to filming:  50% of the hire cost
(c)  Less than 2 working days notice prior to filming:  100% of the hire cost
Duration of ITC:  As stated in the reply letter
Form Required: 
Application form and guidelines are available at the FSO's Resource Centre and can also be downloaded from its website at