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E-Form for Application for Lane Closure for Location Filming
申請人資料 Particulars of Applicant
公司名稱 :
Name of Company
申請人姓名 :
Name of Applicant
職位 :
地址 :
聯絡資料 :
Contact Details

(辦公室電話 Office Tel. No.)

(手提電話 Mobile Phone No.)

(傳真 Fax)

(電郵 E-mail)
拍攝詳情 Particulars of Filming
製作名稱 :
Title of Production
現場負責人姓名 :
Name of Person-in-charge On Site
手提電話號碼 :
Mobile Phone No.
拍攝日期 :
Filming Date
拍攝時間 :
Filming Time
拍攝隊伍人數(包括臨時演員) :
No. of Crew Members (including extras)
車輛類別及數目 :
Types and No. of Vehicles
Types :
Number(s) :
拍攝地點 :
Filming Location
拍攝內容 :
Scenes to be Shot
Simple pyrotechnic special effects scene
爆炸場面 Explosion scene
使用改裝槍械 Use of modified firearms
撞車場面 Car crash scene
交通意外場面 Car accident scene
動作場面 Stunt act
其他,請註明 Others, please specify :

請附上按比例繪畫的拍攝地點草圖連臨時交通安排的詳情(JPEG或PDF格式適用) :

  • 封閉行車線的確實位置(標示選定地點,例如離交通燈位100碼)長度及數目
  • 有關路段上全部行車線的數目、行車方向及轉入和轉出行車線的方向

Please attach a sketch map with details of the filming and temporary traffic arrangements (jpeg or pdf format) :

  • the exact lane closure area (to be indicated by its distance from a specified spot e.g. 100 yards from the traffic light), and the number and length of traffic lane(s) to be closed off
  • the total number and directions of all the lanes in this road, and the direction of the incoming and outgoing traffic
附件 :
  位置圖 Location map
  位置相片 Location photo
  - 接受檔案格式 Accept file format:PDF, JPEG, JPG
- 每個檔案大小不多於5.0MB
  Size up to 5.0MB for each file

* 請在適當方格內加「
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遞交日期 :
Date of Submission :
Verification Code

Guidelines on Filming involving Lane Closure

It is the Government's policy to facilitate filming in Hong Kong. In this regard, the Government is prepared to help production companies to carry out location shooting that involves closure of one or some of the lanes of a multi-lane road, where circumstances permit. This note sets out the relevant guidelines on this matter.
Production companies wishing to carry out location shooting that involves such lane closure should submit applications to the Film Services Office (FSO) of the Create Hong Kong. The applications should contain the following information –
the location, date and time of filming (indicating the hours for site preparation and those for the actual filming), and the number of crew members (including extras) involved;
the number of cameras used, and the positioning of camera(s) if it is positioned outside the area proposed to be occupied;
the number and locations of picture vehicles and production vehicles (e.g. fire engines, props EU cars, motorcycles, police cars, cranes, etc.) with dimensions if available, required on site, and the parking arrangement. Where special parking arrangement is required, the dimensions of the vehicles involved in the proposed special parking arrangement must be provided;
the actions of the scene to be shot, including the number of firearms or launchers and the number of shots to be fired if the use of modified firearms or pneumatic capsule launcher is involved or details like car crashing into safety fence/railings which might need urgent repair/replacement after filming;
an indication of whether any pyrotechnic special effects materials (PSEM) or other dangerous goods would be used, and if so, details such as the amount and type of PSEM to be used and the plans on how such materials are to be used. The special effects operator in charge would need to give an indication of the area and duration required for the filming so as to ensure compliance with the safety requirements stipulated in the relevant Codes of Practice; and
the details of the traffic arrangements required (e.g. the number of lane(s) to be closed, intermittent traffic control, proposed relocation of bus stops, suspension of metered parking spaces/taxi stand/public light bus stand, etc.), together with a plan (shown to scale) on the details of temporary traffic arrangements, including the lane(s) to be closed and the duration involved, means of traffic control, temporary traffic aids such as traffic cones and warning signs to be provided, etc. The applicant is strongly advised to employ personnel with experience in drawing up traffic arrangements to prepare the details of the temporary traffic arrangements required for the filming, so as to help the applicant to provide sufficient information to the concerned departments to expedite processing of the application. In drawing up such temporary traffic arrangements, applicants can make reference to the “Code of Practice for the Lighting, Signing and Guarding of Road Works” issued by the Highways Department (available at ). The Transport Department will accept photocopies of extracts from the Code as illustration of the proposed temporary traffic arrangements. However, the applicants should indicate clearly and to scale such arrangements on a street plan.
Processing of Applications
Applicants are advised to submit applications as early as practicable. The processing time required is generally seven working days following the receipt of an application.
Upon receipt of applications from production companies, the FSO will circulate the applications to the Police, Transport Department, Highways Department, and any other relevant Government departments where appropriate for comment. If necessary, a meeting will be convened for the concerned departments to discuss the application and the applicant may be required to attend such a meeting to answer inquiries raised and confirm the traffic and other arrangements for the filming.
If all relevant Government departments have no objection to the applications, the FSO will inform the applicant accordingly and the applicant may proceed with the filming, subject to any conditions that may be imposed. Where an application is not approved, the FSO will, as far as possible, after consultation with the concerned departments, counter-propose an alternative location or time for consideration by the applicant.
Criteria for Processing Applications
In principle, lanes on expressways, trunk roads, primary distributors and rural road A cannot be closed for filming purposes.
Where filming is to take place on traffic sensitive routes (a full list of which can be found in the booklet “How to apply for an excavation permit and how to conduct excavation works” published by the Highways Department which is available at ) or in exceptional cases where filming is to take place at locations with road works in progress, the applicant will be required to conduct a traffic impact assessment to demonstrate that the traffic condition will remain acceptable upon closure of the lane(s) in question. The criteria for considering the applications are as follows –
the location at which lane closure is required. Generally speaking, a less busy area is preferable;
the day and hours during which lane closure is required. Generally speaking, weekends or public holidays are preferable, except in places where holiday traffic will be heavier;
(c) the traffic implications of the proposed lane closure;
(d) the inconvenience and the hazard caused to road-users and pedestrians;
(e) the effects on nearby road works, if any; and
(f) noise and other nuisances caused to nearby residents.
Conditions to be imposed
In the event that an application is considered acceptable by the concerned Government departments, the applicant shall comply with the conditions imposed to minimize the possible disturbance or inconvenience to the public, which may include but are not limited to the following –
to appoint a person-in-charge on site to be responsible for controlling the filming crew and people involved in the filming so as to ensure the compliance of conditions imposed and to serve as a co-ordinator;
to appoint adequate crowd control staff who should wear fluorescent vests for easy identification;
to ensure that the filming crew on site follow the filming plan as set out in the application, or as revised as a result of the requirements or conditions imposed by the relevant departments, and the instructions given by any Police officer on site. At all times, adequate number of lane(s) should be maintained for through traffic;
to ensure that the filming crew together with the equipment will not cause undue obstructions or inconvenience to other road users;
to provide proper lighting, signing and guarding in accordance with the “Code of Practice for the Lighting, Signing and Guarding of Road Works” issued by the Highways Department and put up adequate notice boards or warning signs (in both Chinese and English) at appropriate locations to alert road-users or pedestrians of filming taking place and to seek their co-operation. The size of the notice boards should be large enough for the message to be clearly seen by drivers from a reasonable distance. A diagram showing a sample notice board and listing the requirements of notice boards is attached at Annex A for reference;
to have letters sent, at least two working days in advance, to the “neighbours” of the location at which filming is to take place to alert them of the arrangements and to seek their co-operation. A sample letter is attached at Annex B;
to provide adequate safety measures to cover the filming crew and other road users;
to ensure that all vehicles used in connection with the filming and personnel involved comply with the road traffic legislation;
to comply with the directives of the Police officer on site, including the stopping of the filming or changing the filming plan or the special traffic arrangements if such changes are deemed necessary in the public interest;
to ensure that the notice boards etc. referred to in subparagraph (e) above, all props, debris at or stains caused on the filming location are promptly cleared after filming; and to report immediately to the Police and Highways Department any damage to roads (including street furniture) or Government properties or any untoward incidents;
to reimburse Highways Department any cost including overheads arising from any works necessary to rectify any damage caused to road pavement and furniture attributable to the location shooting;
to indemnify the Government from all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, costs, demands and expenses which may be taken or made against the Government as a result of the filming activities;
to notify the FSO and Police, as far as possible, 48 hours in advance and provide an explanation for cancellation of the location shooting and apply to the FSO in case subsequent changes of timing of the location shooting are required;
to ensure that effective insurance policy is taken out to cover any accidents involving damages, injuries to or death of other road users;
to bear the cost including overheads in association with any temporary removal of street furniture including traffic management measures to be carried out by the Highways Department; and
to report to the Regional Traffic Console of the Hong Kong Police Force by telephone upon arrival and departure of the filming crew.
Notwithstanding the above, the applicant should seek to minimise the inconvenience caused to other road users and appeal for their cooperation while filming is taking place.
We will review these guidelines from time to time in consultation with the concerned departments in the light of operational experience.


Annex A
Notes :  
1. Sign face shall be constructed in reflective materials
2. Sign colour :
  ● words in black
  ● background in yellow
3. Size of writing (in mm)
  English Chinese Number Logo
Height 150 150 150 300
4. To be replaced by logo (or name if there is no logo) of the production company for location filming
5. The telephone no. is for illustration only and shall be updated when actual no. has changed : to be replaced by enquiry telephone number of the production company.
6. The information given is for illustration only. Appropriate completion time is to be entered for each individual filming involving lane closure.
7. All dimensions are in millimetres.


Annex B
(Letterhead of Film Company)
To whom it may concern
We (  Name of the Company  ) will shoot the film    “working title”    at    street or road    on    date   . Details of the filming are given below for your reference:
Shooting Date(s): date/month/year
Shooting Location(s): exact location (e.g. street nos. / section of road)
Shooting Period: from ___________ am/pm to ____________ am/pm
  (Please specify the filming hours on each day if filming for more than one day.)

We would like to seek your cooperation so that our film crew can make the filming as smoothly as possible. If you have any enquiries about the filming, please contact    (name of the person-in-charge)   at (company tel. no. / mobile tel. no.)  . You may also contact the Film Services Office at tel. no. 9389 3121 on the matter.

We apologize for any inconvenience which may be caused by the filming.






(name of person-in-charge)



(name of film company)






(company chop)

Note : Information or icons in italics should be replaced with relevant ones.