Online Submission PDF Format
1. Use of simulated uniforms and accoutrements    
  a. Correctional Services Department   PDF
  b. Customs and Excise Department   PDF
  c. Fire Services Department   PDF
  d. Hong Kong Police Force   PDF
  e. Immigration Department   PDF
2. Use of modified firearms and blank ammunition   PDF
3. Use of pyrotechnic special effects materials for producing entertainment special effects   PDF
4. Lane closure Online Submission PDF
5. Hire of police for intermittent traffic control Online Submission PDF
6. Use of parking spaces on public roads Online Submission PDF
7. Parking of filming vehicles on public roads Online Submission PDF
8. Loading and unloading equipment in restricted zone/prohibited zone/ bus lane/closed road   PDF
9. Use of Lantau Closed Road   PDF
10. Use of camera car (special purpose vehicle)   PDF
11. Use of movement permit   PDF
12. Use of unmanned aircraft systems   PDF
13. Captive balloon flights (with persons on board)   PDF
14. Captive balloon flights (with no persons on board)   PDF
15. Parachute descents   PDF
16. Filming in Hong Kong waters   PDF
17. Filming in marine parks   PDF
18. Filming in country parks   PDF
19. Filming in Hong Kong Wetland Park   PDF
20. Overseas film crews   PDF
21. Mainland film crews   PDF

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