Permits and Forms
Online Submission
E-Form for Application for Location Filming at Sites Controlled by Transport Department
申請人資料 Particulars of Applicant
公司名稱 :
Name of Company
製作名稱 :
Title of Productions
公司地址 :
Business Address
申請人姓名 :
Name of The Applicant
職位 :
電話或傳呼號碼 :
Telephone or Pager No.
傳真 :
電郵 :
拍攝詳情 Particulars of Filming
拍攝日期 :
Filming Date
拍攝時間 :
Filming Time
外景場地詳情 :
Details of Location

(請夾附詳細的位置圖,列明拍攝場地的地址和確實位置,例如交通控制中心。 Please attach a detailed location plan and specify address and exact location where filming operation will take place, e.g. traffic and monitoring control room.)
拍攝隊伍人數(包括製作人員及演員) :
Number of Film Crew Members (including
production staff and actors/actresses)
是否需要使用政府電力或任何其他公用設施? : Whether the Use of Government Power Supply or any Other Utilities is Required?

(請詳細列明需用電的器材種類和數目。 Please provide full details of the type and number of equipment(s) requiring power supply)
附件 :
  位置圖 Location map
  故事大綱 Synopsis
  劇本 Scripts
  情節串連圖板 Storyboard
- 接受檔案格式 Accept file format:PDF, JPEG, JPG
- 每個檔案大小不多於5.0MB
  Size up to 5.0MB for each file



The synopsis/storyboard and a description of the scene to be shot has to be submitted together with this application form.


If this application is approved, a fee of $6,640 will be charged for the first four hours and $1,890 for each subsequent four-hour block, or part thereof. If extra Government personnel or equipment is required to take part in the filming, the actual cost plus overheads will be charged. A refundable deposit equal to the amount of the fee is also required. The applicant may be requested to effect a public liability insurance covering damage to the property and any personal injury or death.


Applications would be considered on case-by-case basis. Filming may be allowed during non-peak traffic hours, e.g. between 19:00 to 07:00 hrs, subject to availability of the venues. Transport Department shall reserve the right to reject any applications or further restrict filming hours.

遞交日期 :
Date of Submission
Verification Code