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Chinese University of Hong Kong, The

Address: Sha Tin, New Territories


Communications & Public Relations Office
Tel:3943 8899
Fax:2603 5115


Open ground of the university campus

How To Apply: 

Apply in writing at least 1 month in advance of the filming date to the Director of the Communications & Public Relations Office with information on the location, date, time, detailed description of the scenes, size of the crew and number of vehicles to be used.


Fees to be confirmed after the application is approved.

PLI Cover: 

Applicants shall effect adequate insurance at their own expense in the joint names of the applying organisation and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for public liability and for indemnifying CUHK against any damages or losses arising from or in connection with the said filming.


1) Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Priority will be given to filming with an education theme.
2) Filming on the campus must not cause any hindrance or inconvenience to the academic and administrative operations of CUHK in whatever circumstances. The applying organisation, its employees and other persons related to the applying organisation shall observe and comply with the regulations and campus management arrangements of CUHK.
3) The nature of the filming should not impair the image of CUHK and promote any beliefs that are not in line with CUHK's mission and objectives, nor should it contravene the laws of Hong Kong.
4) Filming on the campus can only take place at outdoor area and during daytime on Sundays and public holidays outside examination period ( April to May and December) and congregation period (mid-November to early December). Sundays and public holidays during examination and congregation periods may be considered if circumstances permit.
5) Applicants should indemnify CUHK against any damages or losses.

Compliments to the government and public bodies that have agreed to consider applications to hire premises or facilities under their management for location filming.