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Fung Tak Park  
Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill

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Fung Tak Park 00013
Fung Tak Park - 1
Fung Tak Park - 2
Fung Tak Park - 3
Fung Tak Park - 4
Fung Tak Park - 5
Fung Tak Park - 6
Fung Tak Park - 7
Fung Tak Park - 8
Fung Tak Park - 9
Fung Tak Park - 10
Fung Tak Park - 11
Fung Tak Park - 12

Established in 1995, Fung Tak Park is the first theme park which depicts selected episodes from the Chinese novel about the "Monkey King". It is located at the junction of Fung Tak Road and Po Kong Village Road, occupying an area of 1.07 hectares.

The centrepieces of the park, namely, the "Monkey King's Paradise", "Mountain of Five Fingers", "Crystal Palace" and "Flamed Mountain" are the 4 play zones. Although the park may not be taken as an ideal set of a costume drama regarding its fancy outlook, its architectural design is widely acclaimed. The artificial waterfall running outside the cave of the "Monkey King's Paradise" and the mosaic tiles portraying the legendary dragon of the ancient China on the floor outside the "Crystal Palace" are especially impressive.

Play zones, children's playground, sitting-out area, landscaped area, light refreshment kiosk, public toilet with disabled toilet, etc

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