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Lai Chi Kok Park  
next to Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Lai Chi Kok

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Lai Chi Kok Park was built on the reclamation area nearby Mei Foo Sun Chuen. The park was constructed in 3 phases, covering an area of 17.65 hectares planted with more than 6,000 trees of 300 species. These trees can be easily identified by the name tags attached on their trunks. At the Eastern Gate, there are 2 sets of fine figure-themed brick-carving on the gate wall. One of them depicts one of the four greatest Chinese novels, the "Water Margin - 36 Heroes" and the other the "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea". Overall, the park offers a magnificent view of landscaped gardens and a wide range of recreational and sports facilities.

It is worth highlighting the "Lingnan Garden", the theme garden of Lai Chi Kok Park Phase III. The garden occupies an area of 12,500 sq m with about 2,600 sq m covered with water features. The layout and design of the pavilions, kiosks, water features and rockeries of the garden are in the "Lingnan" style. The architectural structures of this garden are mainly built in the corners and linked together by porches and corridors. This can provide shade for visitors who can enjoy the nicely knit landscapes as they stroll along the corridors.

The garden is divided into 10 scenic spots, of which the moon is the common theme. Lying at the centre is a pond from which all buildings and structures radiate in all directions. Architectural ornaments of the garden, such as pottery sculpture, tile and plaster decoration, stone carving and woodwork, are all from Lingnan. The rockery is made of stones mainly from Tai Hu in Yingde. There are also different species of plants, such as conifer and bamboo. The garden is further decorated with couplets of works from Guangdong masters since the Ming Dynasty.

Stage I : hard-surfaced soccer pitch, Chinese garden, podium garden, children's playground, toddler's playground, fitness stations, chess tables, etc Stage II : tennis courts, chess tables, etc Stage III : theme garden, hard-surfaced soccer pitch, gateball courts, basketball-cum-volleyball courts, roller-skating rink, skateboard arena, children's playgrounds, jogging trails, fitness stations, amphitheatre with a spectator stand (200 seats), etc

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