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Kowloon Bay Park  
Kai Lai Road, Kowloon Bay

How to apply

Kowloon Bay Park 01229
Kowloon Bay Park - 1
Kowloon Bay Park - 2
Kowloon Bay Park - 3
Kowloon Bay Park - 4
Kowloon Bay Park - 5
Kowloon Bay Park - 6
Kowloon Bay Park - 7
Kowloon Bay Park - 8
Kowloon Bay Park - 9
Kowloon Bay Park - 10
Kowloon Bay Park - 11
Kowloon Bay Park - 12

Kowloon Bay Park is situated in Kai Lai Road and next to Kowloon Bay Sports Ground. This 4.1 hectare park was opened in March 2005 to provide a mix of leisure and sports facilities. The area covers both sides of Kai Lai Road. On one side, there are a 7-a-side artificial turf soccer pitch, an 11-a-side grass soccer cum rugby pitch, a children's playground, a Tai Chi garden and a pebble walking trail. On the other side, there is a cycling ground of innovative design. A portion of the cycling track is an S-shape elevated cycling track made of stainless steel. There are also a bike kiosk, a children and beginners' cycling area, and a footpath surrounding the cycling ground and linking to a pool deck inside.

7-a-side artificial turf soccer pitch, 11-a-side grass soccer cum rugby pitch, children's playground, Tai Chi garden, pebble walking trail, cycling ground, bike kiosk, etc

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