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T ▪ PARK  
25 Nim Wan Road, Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun

How to apply

T ▪ PARK 01777
T ▪ PARK - 1
T ▪ PARK - 2
T ▪ PARK - 3
T ▪ PARK - 4
T ▪ PARK - 5
T ▪ PARK - 6
T ▪ PARK - 7
T ▪ PARK - 8
T ▪ PARK - 9
T ▪ PARK - 10
T ▪ PARK - 11
T ▪ PARK - 12
T ▪ PARK - 13
T ▪ PARK - 14

T ▪ PARK is located at Tsang Tsui. The wave‐form design of the building rooftop was inspired by the surrounding sea and hills. The park offers a combination of advanced technologies, and recreational, educational and ecological facilities. The outdoor landscape is over 9,800 sq m and comprises 5 major elements - a fountain garden, a leisure garden, a Zen garden, a wetland garden and an outdoor footbath. The park also houses 3 spa pools with seamless sea view of Deep Bay. It brings together sludge incinerators with a treatment capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes of sludge per day with power generation, desalination and modern exhibition halls.

T ▪ GARDEN (outdoor landscape), T ▪ HALL (exhibition hall), T ▪ SPA (spa pools), T ▪ CAFÉ, T ▪ THEATRE, etc

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