Stanley Municipal Services Building   

6 Stanley Market Road, Stanley


Stanley Municipal Services Building occupies an area of 2,800 sq m. It is a low-rise compact structure built in concrete and brick walls. Opened in early 2006, it provides recreational and cultural facilities for the community. The complex is built with environmental-friendly features such as a glass floor in the courtyard, staggered design to reduce the building mass of the structure, daylight sensors etc. It adopts a simple yet modern design to create an environment fused with the Stanley village-like surrounding. Its open rooftop is built with a garden shaded by timber trellis, offering a fantastic sea view and a spacious outdoor sitting area. There is a courtyard with a design similar to that of a traditional Chinese courtyard house (Si He Yuan). The tempered glass floor in the courtyard also serves as the roof of the integrated hall where skylight penetrates into the hall during the day and lighting inside the hall illuminates the courtyard at night.


Sports centre, library, rooftop garden, etc

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