Tai Kwun   

10 Hollywood Road, Central


Opened in May 2018, Tai Kwun is formerly the Central Police Station compound comprising the Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison. The compound was revitalized in 2008 by retaining the architecture of late-Victorian style to reveal the ambience of the buildings at that time.

The Barrack Block and the Police Headquarters Block of the former Central Police Station are characterised by red bricks, granite walls, imposing columns and open verandahs. In the middle of the two building blocks is the Parade Ground which is now used for outdoor events and exhibitions. Next to the Barrack Block is the former Central Magistracy. It is designed in Greek-revival style with giant columns and built on a granite-made revetment wall, presenting a majestic appearance. The former Victoria Prison comprises the Superintendent's House, the Bauhinia House and 6 prison halls. The prison halls contained cells on two sides and a corridor in the centre connected by staircases.

The JC Contemporary and the JC Cube are new buildings of exhibition space and auditorium respectively. Next to the JC Cube is a wide staircase area known as the Laundry Step, which is an outdoor screening venue with cover.


Parade Ground, Prison Yard, Court Yard, Laundry Step, Lower E Hall, etc

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