Victoria Peak Garden  
The Peak

Renovated in 2011, Victoria Peak Garden is a vantage point to capture an over 300 m high angle shot of the magnificent views of Victoria Harbour and an exotic night scene of Hong Kong. The garden is built along the natural landscape and facilitated with Victorian style features, including lawn, gazebos, wrought iron railings and stone pillars. Native trees grow harmoniously alongside the solidly paved ground to give a sense of tranquillity. There are three different design of pavilion inside the garden. The garden, together with five other public parks, has been listed in the trial scheme of "Inclusive Park for Pets" and is recently open to visitors to enter and use the venue with pets.

The Gate Lodge of the former Mountain Lodge (built between 1900-1902) is located in Victoria Peak Garden. It originally served as living quarters for the keepers of Mountain Lodge which was demolished in 1946. The Gate Lodge adopts the inspiration of a Renaissance style. Despite its small area, it is constructed in a compact way. It was declared a monument in 1995.

The outside of the Gate Lodge, pavilion, balcony and binocular

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