Choi Hei Road Park  
3 Choi Hei Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong

Opened in mid-2010, Choi Hei Road Park is a granite theme park with an area of 13,600 sq m, costing about $70 million. The park was built on the former site of Ping Shan Quarry, which is a barren site with granite bedrocks on an elongated slope with a 35-metre level difference. The park overcomes the large level difference by means of ramps, steel bridge and external steps to form a 660 m walking trail. The park is full of greenery and has a lawn of about 4,000 sq m, which is ideal for leisure walks. The information boards set up along the trail provide key facts about granite, including its composition, morphology etc. Some specimens of rocks mined from the former quarry are also on display.

660 m walking trail, children's play area, elderly fitness area, pebble walk trail, water feature, lawn, etc

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